Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011


You've got maliciously good taste in the dangerous fields of forbidden love."
He said that with a gun in his pocket.
A razor in his voice.
And a vampire grin on his lips.

They sloshed around inside of me until the images became all to real to bear.
"You've got all the facial features of a killer."
He studied me closer.
"I know whats inside"
He took a step away.
"I know what its like."

And with a turn of his back.
I was crushed on the floor.
I was lined with death.

He whispered.

Those dark tranquil words comforted my soul as the light slips away and i take my last breath.
I know what is here was always promised to me; I knew it was coming.
He didn't know that it wasn't a surprise to me.

I am no longer the deep romantic blossom you knew.
I am bleeding on the replica of that clone of humanity.
I broke lose my chains, the secrets out now.

My petals have wilted, and drifted away into out sickeningly sweet reveries.
"The clock was always ticking, time left us behind."
He just told me what I already knew.

I was poisoned with his words.
It was only a matter of time before they ceased my life.
The waters have flooded my throat, and black lies were dancing on the tip of his thoughts.

We all knew he wasn't a quiet boy; he was arrogant and waited.
I thought that maybe it was time for him to visit me in the darkening twilight I liked to call love.

The shock of his enjoyment traveled up my spine, and my heart aches with the bullet he sent to rip through my soul.
I have stained my own morals, and betrayed my ethnics.
I befriended his demons.
But as the advocate prevailed, I got lost in them.

While the story continues, i was left in the dark.
Swallowed whole by lust and power.
I had no place here, I never did.
So why should i try and go back now?

I thought i knew what i was dreaming about all along.
Really; there were just scenes of the massacre that killed us all.
I knew that i lied to myself.
I cheated in the game of life.

"Your alone in the dark."
He tasted my fear.
It was delicate wine to him.

But As he silently stalked away.
I didn't cry out.

"To say goodbye, is to rip a vein."
Those words blackened my essence.
Even darker than what it was.

I was playing a game where i didn't know the rules.
And that is what will haunt me more that the thoughts he spilled.
They were all laced with sick.

I planned my own funeral.
And I let the monsters out to eat me alive.

When there was nothing left of me.
A small note remained.
It was written in blood, a promise from the grave.

It read.

"Thanks for the Poison."

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